LibDems have allegedly finalised the new Government list during Thursday night, party sources declared for They claim chances may occur during the PD-L Managing College. UDMR received the Health, Culture and Environment portfolios. According to the quoted sources, the new cabinet will have a vice-PM.

LibDems claim that they expect the Managing College to show discontent regarding the Culture and Communications ministries. Plus, for the Work Ministry, PD-L expects social-democrat Marian Sarbu's decision. Should he decline the offer, the role will go to Mihai Seitan.

Having Gabriel Sandu as the head of the Communication Ministry os not carved in stone and serious debates are expected on the matter, sources say. At the same time, Lucian Croitiru declined the offer to head the Finance Ministry, his nomination having to be replaced with that of Sebastian Vladescu.

Three ministries will cease to exist: Youth and Sport, The Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises and the delegated Ministry to mediate discussions with the Parliament.

Boc Cabinet ministers' list:

  • Vice – premier: Marko Bela
  • Administration and Interior Ministry: Vasile Blaga
  • Economy and Commerce Ministry: Adriean Videanu
  • Transport and Infrastructure Ministry: Radu Berceanu
  • Regional Development and Tourism Ministry: Elena Udrea
  • Culture, Cults and National Patrimony Ministry: Kelemen Hunor
  • Work, Family and Social Protection Ministry: Marian Sarbu or Mihai Seitan
  • Agriculture Ministry: Orest Onofrei
  • Health Ministry: a UDMR member
  • Education Ministry: Petru Daniel Funeriu
  • Environment Ministry: Korodi Attila
  • Communication Ministry: Gabriel Sandu (?)
  • Finance Ministry: Sebastian Vladescu
  • Defence Ministry: Gabriel Oprea
  • Justice Ministry: Catalin Predoiu
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry: Bogdan Aurescu