Tensions rise in PD-L due to the negotiations on portfolio in the future Government. LibDem deputy Cezar Preda, party vice-president, is against coalition party Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) getting the country's Culture portfolio. "If the negotiation team had in mind to keep a minister for each of them and give the Culture and Cults Ministry to UDMR, then it committed one of the gravest political mistakes of the last years", Cezar Preda said in a communiqué.

"The Culture, Cults and National Patrimony cannot be the PD-L - UDMR negotiation object. The Culture and Cults Ministry must be the Liberal-Democratic Party responsibility because we engaged in a social partnership with the Church", Cezar Preda added.

"PD-L will have to up, on medium and long term, with the decision of giving the Culture, Cults and National Patrimony Ministry to UDMR", Cezar Preda points out.

LibDem sources declared for HotNews.ro that PD-L would have concluded putting together the list of ministers for the new Government last night. They claim that changes may occur during the PD-L Managing College on Friday afternoon, which announces tensions around the Culture and Communication portfolios, given to UDMR.

The Communications Portfolio might be taken by Gabriel Sandu, while the Culture Ministry might be led by Hungarian Kelemen Hunor, ex-UDMR candidate for Romania's presidency.