The Social Democratic Party will not vote the Boc Cabinet and the ministerial proposals, PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced on Friday, after the party's National Executive Committee. "The social-democrats will not support, under any form, the Basescu-Boc regime. He said that the social-democrats will not vote in the Parliament the measures that would lead do a deeper crisis", Mircea Geoana declared.

The PSD National Executive Committee decided to launch a constitutional forum, so that the Constitution's review process to bring to a new balance and a new republic in the beginning of the century, Mircea Geoana said.

The PSD leader declared on Thursday that Emil Boc was a sad choice for the PM role, showing that Basescu's second mandate can get worse than his first. But he mentioned the 2010 budget must get through the Parliament, indicating that his party might vote in the favour of the new Executive.

"Traian Basescu's solution is the worst for Romania. But at this stage wee need a government to vote the budget", Geoana said.