On December 21 and 22nd 1989, the Romanian Revolution was at its peak. Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ran away as millions of people were thrilled. However, there are still plenty of questions without an answer regarding the events that unfolded afterwards, BBC journalists read. 20 years since the revolution, BBC World Service will air a series of dedicated shows on Romania. On Monday, BBC presents an interview with revolutionary Teodor Maries, President of the 21 December Association.

One of the questions that remained unanswered, according to Teodor Maries is who started shooting at the population on December 21-22. Some argue that it was not a revolution but that it was orchestrated by a powerful elite, BBC reads. In this context, Maries is determined to reveal that truth, after 20 years since the revolution.

Almost 100 people were killed on December 21-22nd after a desperate attempt of Ceausescu's people to stop the protests. Aged 47, Maries is president of the 21 December Association, a group that reunites revolutionaries that survived that night, British journalists declared.

About 1,100 people died during the Revolution but about 900 were killed after that date when the National Salvation Front, lead by Ion Iliescu took over power. Maries cannot accept the official story of those days - according to which, after the government fell, Securitate officers were fighting to save Ceausescu.

Ion Iliescu was elected as President of Romania in 1990, 1992, 2000 spending 11 years as chef of state, BBC said.