President Traian Basescu's sworn in for a new mandate, in front of the Parliament. Basescu was validated on December 16 by the Constitutional Court for his second five year mandate. Follow in the article Basescu's main declarations.

  • I am here to renew my faith commitment to the fundamental law, to the values that unite us
  • I pray you to take a moment to remember that 20 years ago Romanians and many youngsters gave their life for freedom
  • After a period of campaign and conflicts which bread conflict and distrust, it is time to see the Romania with love and trust
  • This is not an easy period but any crisis leads to an opportunity
  • On December 6 I was elected because I was perceived as the most credible politician
  • As President of Romania my main message is: Romania needs to evaluate, Romania needs to modernize
  • Politicians need to impose transformations in a sustained manner and ensure that transformations are equal
  • The experience of my first mandate will help be avoid the mistakes in the future

UPDATE 3:30 PM Ioan Vida, President of the Constitutional Court announces the validation of Basescu as President of Romania

UPDATE 3:20 PM Ioan Vida, President of the Constitutional Court announces the confirmation of the results of the national referendum on November 22nd, 2009. Romania's Patriarch Daniel and Ioan Robu, leader of the Catholic Church in Romania will attend the ceremony.

UPDATE 2:35 PM The chief of state saluted the national flag before leaving for the Parliament. The Constitutional Court validated on December 14, the results of the second elections and established that Basescu was elected as President.