President Traian Basescu told the new ministers of the executive that their success depends on the way they tackle and collaborate with the opposition and that he regrets that the Liberals preferred the opposition. He underlined that his arms are wide open in case Liberals change their mind.

Basescu declared that he is expecting from the new ministers a set of measures that will actually bring a change. The ministers' swear in ceremony started shortly after the cabinet received the Parliament's vote of confidence.

At the ceremony Romania's Orthodox Church Patriarch Daniel was present, together with the President of the Constitutional Court, Ioan Vida or Chamber of Deputies Speaker.

Here are Basescu's main declarations:

  • This is a governance that starts off in difficult times: we all know what is coming
  • My hope is that you will manage to diminish the effects of the crisis
  • the 10 months experience during the economic crisis will help you take the measures needed
  • I support the project regarding the modernization of the state
  • You must know that I trust you: you have both the experience and the professionalism
  • Do not count that your party will expect less if you come from the same party, on the contrary
  • I want you to know that your success depends on your abiliy to collaborate with the opposition