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CONI: Mutu tested positive twice in 2010

Vineri, 29 ianuarie 2010, 18:57 English | Top News

Adi Mutu, "pozitiv" si contra lui Lazio
Foto: Rompres
The Italian Olympic Commitee (CONI) declared on Friday, January 29, that Romanian football player Adrian Mutu, current Fiorentina and ex-Chelsea, has been tested positive twice this year. The other test was taken on January 20, after the match against Lazio in the Italian Coup, when he managed to score twice.

On January 20 Adrian Mutu was Fiorentina's best player. Viola won against Lazio score 3-2 thanks to the Romanian player, a match that was important for the Italian Coup.

Mutu was tested positive for sibutramina on both January 10 and 20, this reduces the possibility that the Romanian player has taken the pills containing the substance by chance because the substance cannot remain in the blood for such a long time. "The reoccurrence of this substance from January 10 to 20 means that he repeatedly took pills containing sibutramina. It belongs to the amphetamines group; it is a stimulus for the nervous central system. It is easily eliminated by the body after about 24 hours. Nevertheless, it is a primitive product, there are others with a much better effect", ex-National Anti-doping Agency manager Ioan Dragan said, quoted by

"CONI is able to announce that following the analysis of the laboratory in Rome, it has been established that it is a doping case. The first analysis revealed the presence of sibutramina in Adrian Mutu, after the anti-doping check carried out at the request of the Anti-doping Control Committee on January 20, 2010, in Florence, at the Italian Coup match between Fiorentina and Lazio Roma", CONI's press release informs.

"I believe COMI knew about the January 10 results if they also checked him after the match against Lazio on January 20. I believe he must have been under monotorisation, otherwise I cannot explain how he was called for checks so quickly. This is not usual", - National Anti-Doping Agency chief Graziela Vajaiala said for GSPTV.

What is sibutramina?

Sibutramina is a substance that is usually found in drugs meant for weight loss. Its role is to inhibit appetite. This is usually prescribed to persons that have not managed to lose weight through conventional methods like diet and sport.

Sibutramina can be dangerous if people suffer of kidney, respiratory or liver affections. Plus, it increases the heart rate, leading to a better irrigation and oxygenation. It is only forbidden during the sport competitions.

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