Parliamentary parties sketched their priorities for the new Parliamentary session to start today, February 1. Democrat Liberals plan to modify the constitution, sustain a unicameral Parliament and reduce the number of Parliamentarians while the Social Democrats will propose a new electoral code. On the other hand, Liberals plan to prioritize their own reforms to push the country out of the crisis. Hungarians still plan to lobby for a national minority law in Romania.

Democrat Liberal PM Emil Boc announced on Saturday, after a meeting with the party that the number one priority in the new Parliamentary session is to implement the referendum which proposed a unicameral Parliament.

Another important issue on the agenda is the reform of the pensions law and the fiscal responsibility law, two laws in the IMF agreement.

Democrat Liberals' priorities

  • implement the referendum and decrease the number of Parliamentarians
  • pensions law
  • fiscal responsibility law
  • the adoption of a penal procedure Code and the civil procedure Code
  • revise the First House program
  • a project to offer advantages to companies hiring unemployed

Social Democratic priorities

  • elaborate an Electoral Code
  • supplement social ministers budget
  • sustaining a  project called Social Romania

Liberals, on the other hand, plan to change the rules of the two chambers of the Parliament. Liberal Deputies leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced that one of their priorities will be to revise the Constitution and change the Chamber's rules.

Other priorities

  • cut revenue taxes to 10%
  • cut VAT for new constructions to stimulate constructions
  • a new education law
  • an administration law to depoliticize state institutions and encourage decentralization