Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced on Thursday that it was decided on February 4 to suspend diplomat Silviu Ionescu from his role during the penal investigation carried out by the Prosecutors of the Penal and Criminality Section. Ionescu, business attaché in Singapore, was suspended after accusations of involvement in a hit-and-run accident that caused the death of one man and injured two other.

According to MAE, suspending the Romanian diplomat is justified since he is being accused and investigated for allegedly killing one person and leaving the accident scene. According to the Romanian law, if an investigation is carried out in the case of an accusation incompatible to the diplomatic status, MAE will suspend working relationship with the accused. The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry wants to see the case solved as quickly as possible.

On Wednesday, wrote that the Prosecutors have already started the penal investigations in the case of Silviu Ionescu. He had been through hearings after accusations had been made official. Ionescu is investigated for life deprivation, leaving the accident scene and false declarations.

On December 15 2009, a car belonging to the Romanian Embassy, namely a black Audi A6, hit three pedestrians around 3.10 am (December 14, 21.10 Romanian time) in Bukit Panjang. One of the victims, Tong Kok Wai, aged 30, suffered a head injury and died on Christmas day. The other two pedestrians were also injured.

MAE appealed to the Prosecutor's Office from the High Justice Court to investigate the case on January 5. On the same day, the MAE administration decided to summon Silviu Ionescu from his role in Singapore back to Romania. The Singapore Police concluded the investigations of this case, according to a police spokes woman on January 11.