Romanian MPE social-democrat Ioan Mircea Pascu, Ex Defence minister, declared that the Russians would probably object to Romania's nesting some missile shield components.

"Russia will probably object to this matter, just as they objected when the shields was set up in Poland. The only issue is that we do not have Russian enclaves on Romanian territory, like it is the case in that area with Kaliningrad and, therefore, I believe the equation should be simpler. But I don't expect an acceptance, although I suspect, without having data, that a certain consultation on the issue took place between the Americans and the Russians."

Pascu's declaration for radio station RFI Romania comes after President Traian Basescu announced to the Country's National Defence Council (CSAT) that Romania will be part of the missile shield after US president Barak Obama invited Romania to participate. "The new shield will not be aimed against Russia, but against other threats", Romania's president said.