"We're facing the most important national security decision in the last years. It is natural decision for the United States after they gave up having the missile shield in Poland and in the Czech republic", the Senate's speaker Mircea Geoana reacted shortly after president Traian Basescu that the Country's National Defence Council (CSAT) approved Romania's being part of the American missile shield as a consequence pf President Barack Obama's invitation.

"These are decisions addressing our national security and the North-Atlantic region security. With such a project come risks as well, the risk of sheltering such elements on the national territory", the PSD member added.

President Traian Basescu announced on Thursday, February 4 2010, that Romania was invited to take part in the missile shield project by the US president and CSAT approved. He insisted that the missile shield was not a measure against Russia, but meant to protect Romania "from other threats".

According to the Romanian chief of state, Romania will host certain components of the shield, like ground interceptors. The operations in Romania are due to start in 2015.