Romanian PM Emil Boc declared in an interview for - RFI that inviting Romania in the missile shield programme is "a political, diplomatic, military and strategic success". PM adds that the CSAT decision, namely the approval of the invitation made by Barak Obama, needs to be ratified by the Parliament. "The costs are minimum, the benefits are maximum", Emil Boc added, stating that the Romanian state will make a location available and that other additional costs "are to be negotiated".

Most important statements made by Emil Boc on the missile shield programme

This is a political, diplomatic, military and strategic Romanian success. I say this because the old placement of the missile shield in Poland was not covering the Romanian territory entirely. It only covered the Western part of the country and nit the full national territory. Today, through the new proposed formula, including the presence of certain programme vectors in Romania mains plainly maximum security guarantees in Romania.

Secondly, the entire country will be protected by any missile attack from wherever they may come. And the president clearly stated that such a mechanism is not aimed against Russia, but it addresses mainly the Middle East.

It means the guarantee of democracy's stability in this country for a long time ahead. And I would add that it is a success of Romania's constant politics which saw in the strategic partnership with the US an extremely viable diplomatic solution.

I would say that the benefits are maximum. The programme will be ready in 2015, the missile shield will be placed on Romanian territory, when Romania will be protected. The costs are minimum, the benefits are maximum.

These costs are currently being negotiated and I cannot give further details. The Romanian state will make a location available. Think about the end of WWII. We have been waiting for so long for Romania to have the US and the Occident's security guarantees. Unfortunately, we have been left for 45 years on communist hands. Now Romania goes to a different stage, we have the guarantee of a democratic system on medium and long term. Romania will enjoy of today’s decision in the far future.

The President has mentioned that this mechanism is not against Russia, has not be and will not be targeting Russia and this will be discussed in the period to come.

The programme starts in 2011. On Romanian ground, in 2015, there will be vectors able to detect missiles attacking the Romanian territory or any territory under the missile shield. Romania is part of this world security ensemble.

The CSAT decision needs to be ratified by the Parliament through the law.

Talks started long time ago. President Basescu had the objective of extending Romania's security borders since the beginning of his mandate. This data got new dimensions with Joe Biden's visit to Bucharest in last year's fall and that has already attracted several important decisions for Romania.

Let's not forget that these steps, which may seem insignificant today, will bring the meaning of democratic stability for our children's children, an extraordinary security support. Regarding the risks-benefits perspective, they cannot be compared. (...) There is always a risk in any decision one may take, but from a strategic point of view, this political decision taken today will bring prosperity to Romanians, for this country, through the stability it offers.