Romanian President Traian Basescu's statement according to which Romania is ready to host elements of the American missile shield on its territory triggered a negative reaction from Moscow, Nezavisimaia gazeta reads. Not only makes it more difficult to discuss the cut of strategic arms, but the perspective of Russia - US cooperation to create a joint air defence system was blurred.

The project could hinge the Russian-American relationships from taking the normal path. Upon hearing Basescu speak, ex-Moldavian president Vladimir Voronin opinionated: "Once again Moldova is involved in a complex situation, being practically transformed in the area between frontlines, challenging Russia to have a similar reaction in Transnistria". NG comments that Voronin's emotional reaction can be explained. Small and medium countries become puppets in a foreign game, with unpredictable consequences.

The Russian specialists believe that it is absurd to assume that the issue of Transnistria has ever played a role in the American decision. Washington considered Romania to be the most appropriate region to host the new missile shield elements.

Ex-major state chief of special trained soldiers Viktor Esin declared that lacing the American air defence system elements in Romania, namely a Standart missiles system, does not represent a potential threat for the Russian nuclear and missile potential. Submarines carrying missiles are currently in the Black Sea and the closest ground strategic base is in Saratov.

Although the changes to the Standart system the Americans intend to have in Romania are not yet known, they are meant to detect short and medium reach missiles. At the moment, the Standart missiles reach does not overpass 300 km and the future perspective wants to enable them to travel 500-1000 km. But on the other hand, the American ships equipped with air defence system ruin the regional stability.

Professor Aleskei Bogaturov from the International Relationships University compared the issue with the situation when American missiles were being evicted from Turkey during the '60s, when the Caribbean region crisis occurred. The Americans simply gave up the missiles, which have been equipping submarines. The professor also indicated that Basescu's statement coincides with President Dmitri Medvedev signing Russia's new military doctrine.

Russia's position is justified

The publication considers Moscow's asking the US to explain the placement of the missile shield in Europe with consulting Russia justified. The paper argues that the talks behind the curtains between Washington and Bucharest raise concerns in Kremlin and cannot contribute to a stronger trust between Russia and the US.

Regarding the Munchen conference on international security, Kommersant reads the 46 edition of the event demonstrated that the Occident and Russia's attempts to relax bi-lateral relationships have not recorded much improvement.

According to the publication, the Russian Foreign Affairs minister Serghei Lavrov supported president Dmitri Medvedev initiative to elaborate an agreement on European security, basically underlining the same issues in the relationship with the Occident which Vladimir Putin stated three years ago. The Georgian diplomacy chief retaliated, saying that one cannot speak about a European security while half of the Georgian territory is under occupation. NATO general secretary pointed out that Russia's new doctrine sees NATO as a main threat to Russia.