Diplomat Marius Lazurca, proposed for Romania's Embassy to the Republic of Moldova is heard in the Romanian Parliament. In his introductory speech he put forward a project for the development of the economic relations between the two countries: setting up a Romanian - Moldovan investment bank.

Here are his main declarations

  • The role of an embassy is to stimulate and expand the bilateral political dialogue
  • What Romania can offer is to transfer its  experts and competence in the progressive adaptation to EU standards
  • Romania needs to comply to Schengen standards all consulate activities. The Ambassador underlined the importance of Romanian consuls to improve services offered to Moldovan citizens
  • Lazurca said that Romania is ranked 9 among investors in Republic of Moldova which should encourage Romania, he added
  • He suggest that Romania and Moldova should have common participation at international fairs to express solidarity between the country
  • Romania can offer support to help Moldova to reach EU standards
  • Lazurca advanced the idea of an investment bank, a project which would involve both Romanian and Moldovan authorities which got the attention of the Parliament Committee.