The American anti-missile shield will be implemented in four steps and Romania will host standard missiles type Block 1B which will become operational starting 2015. Romania will not host radars, will not buy SM-3 missiles and will not pay for the implementation or the location, Romanian Foreign Affairs ministry informs. This is the first official declaration after the announcement made by President Traian Basescu.

The implementation stages of the American shield

Stage 1, 2011

  • the protection of some parts of South East Europe through radars and SM - 3 missiles on ships
  • plans are to establish a radar base which will detect any launch of missiles in its initial stage

Stage 2, 2015

  • the expansion of the protection of NATO members by new SM-3 generations which would allow missile launches from the ground, and new radar bases
  • standard missiles will be established in bases in South East Europe, including Romania

Stage 3, 2018

  • the expansion of the system to all NATO members in Europe through new bases

Stage 4, 2020

  • an increased protection of the US territory against intercontinental missile attacks

Romania will be involved in the second part and will hist standard missiles SM -3 type Block 1 B which will become operational in 2015.

Why Romania was chosen

  • most recent studies reveal that the South East European region is most vulnerable to short and medium range missiles
  • Romania represents from a strategic point of view the best position to host the bases

How this affects Romania's national security

  • the national security level of Romania will increase significantly, Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry informs
  • The previous project, set up by Bush made Romania more vulnerable

Was Russia consulted?

  • The US had detailed consultations with Russia, Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry informs

The negotiations calendar:

On February 4 the first contact among Romanian and American experts

US consultations will take place in March

The negotiation mandate and the agreement projects of the Romanian party will be discussed afterwards

There is no need of a national referendum