Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs that flights to and from Greece have been cancelled on Wednesday due to the Greek public clerks going on strike. The union of air controllers declared that they will not account for one single flight, local or international. Public sector employees went on strike to show their discontent with the measures taken by the government in Athens to reduce the huge public deficit.

The strike of the public sector employees led to the closing of schools, cancelling of hundreds of flights and hospitals opening only their emergency units. Protests are planned today, February 10 2010, across the country, with a demonstration in Athens where thousands of people are expected to take part.

The public clerks protest against the government's intention to cut their incomes and pensions in order to rehabilitate the tax system.

EU leaders will discuss the situation from Greece on Thursday, February 11, in Brussels, believing that the crisis in this country could affect the euro credibility. Greece's budget deficit is 12.7%, four times bigger than the laws in the euro zone allow, and the country's public debt is 300 billion euros.

MAE adds that North Greece border passes are affected after the borders were closed because the local farmers went on strike as well. Nevertheless:

  • the border pass at Promahonas is open for cars and buses, but closed for trucks;
  • the traffic in Exohi is open to any car, but it is heavy due to weather conditions;
  • the border is open at Evzoni, Ormenio, Doirani and Kipi Evros.