The ex-communist governance from Republic of Moldova's capital Chisinau asked, in secrecy, the European Union for 300 million euros to get the country out of bankruptcy, Unimedia informs. According to the Moldavian portal, the information is confirmed by a document sent by ex-president Vladimir Voronin to the then PM Zinaida Greceanii, telling her to ask the European Commission for help, which she did.

"We must send this letter to the EU urgently", Vladimir Voronin's "order" goes to Zinaida Greceanii, where the ex-Finance minister Mariana Durlesteanu's letter was attached.

Later, when Zinaida Grevceanii addressed the European Union, the Moldavian PM recognised that her state was in a deep crisis and needed funds urgently. "In this situation, only an additional external finance to cover the budget deficit could help improve the situation in the country", the letter sent by Greceanii to European officials mentions.

The documents, published by Unimedia, were declassified by the current Government.