The Cantacuzino Institute was left without a licence after the authorisation has been redrawn by the Romanian Medicines Agency. Therefore, the Institute cannot produce vaccines, Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV informs. The Cantacuzino Institute was the only body in Romania authorised to produce vaccines, including the swine flu jab. According to Mediafax, the announcement was made public on Tuesday, February 16 2010, by Cantacuzino Institute manager Radu Iordachel, during the Health Commission hearings in the Deputies Chamber.

The National Medicines Agency redrew Cantacuzino Institute the authorisation to sell shot products, including vaccines, because the production good practices standard expired.

Radu Iordachel said that among the jab products are also the flu, rabies, BCG and the tetanus vaccine. According to him, if the production line is closed at Cantacuzino Institute, 450 people risk losing their jobs.

Cantacuzino Institute manager noted that the National Medicines Agency notification regarding the redraw of the authorisation for selling jab products has been received on February 8.