Over 10% of the special pensions - about 25000 pensions of a total of 200000 might be cut after they will be recalculated according to the new pensions law: the average decrease will be about 1,500 euro. In some cases some pensions might get to a 80% cut and most affected will be former magistrates and diplomats - Labor minister Seitan declared, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.

Seitan explained that the decrease of special pensions will be proportionate with the value of revenues cashed in the last months of activity. He added that special pensions of employees in the army, police and secret services will be recalculated depending on the salaries cashed in during their contributions to the social insurance system.

The average pension of the diplomats is currently 4.121 lei and after recalculation it will drop to 1.961 lei. For Parliamentarians the average pension is 3.645 lei and after recalculation the average pension will be 2.124 lei.