A team of American researchers made the first genetic test which can identify the presence of cancer through a blood test. It is a technique which will allow doctors to improve treatment of the disease, AFP informs. The main author of this discovery is a Romanian, Victor Velculescu, Oncology professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

This technique is an important step to personalize treatment for cancer, Velculescu declared. The study will be published by the specialized magazine Science Translational Medicine, on February 24. The test will allow the supervision of the evolution of the cancer cells or recurrent tumors to know whether the treatment is efficient or not.

The technique is able to identify exactly the genetic signature of the cancer or what is left after a medical intervention or after treatment. Until now, it was very hard to detect and localize the genetic modifications in cancer.

The team lead by the Romanian doctor observed six cases of cancer. Tests will be very simple to make, after the cancer cells are removed or after the specific treatments are made.