One Romanian soldier was killed in Afghanistan and one was injured after their shell-proof car drove over an improvised explosive, Romanian Defence Ministry informs. Sergeant major Florin Badiceanu died and frontrunner Zamfir Marian was wounded. Initially, AFP announced that five Romanian troops have been injured in Zabul region.

Militaries from Manevra 33 Batalion executed a patrol mission in a row made up of four HMMWV cars, in Zabul,on A1 motorway, Kandahar-Kabul. Around 5am (Romanian time), approximately 3 kilometres North-East from Lagman base, the shell-proof car with the two drove over an improvised explosive. Following the explosion, the five crew members have been urgently evacuated by air travel to the Lagman Base hospital, according to procedures", the Romanian defence Ministry informs in a press communiqué.

Doctors tried to save Major sergeant Florin Badiceanu, but he died during care, according to the cited source. The 31-year old was at his second mission in Afghanistan, married and father of one child.

Frontrunner Zamfir Marian was hospitalised for medical treatment and special investigations.

Romanian President Traian Basescu sent out a message with condolences to the family of the deceased military. "In this difficult moments, I express my solidarity with the family of the hero fallen during his duty and with the family of the soldier injured during the same patrol mission, in the Zabul region of Afghanistan. Major sergeant Florin Badiceanu has assumed his military duty with devotion and faith and he will remain in our memory through his courage. I give my sincere condolences to his family. God rest his soul!"

Initially, the AFP agency announced that five Romanian troops have been injured in Afghanistan. "I can confirm that a squad has hit an improvised explosive in a district from Zabul. There are several wounded, but no victims. There are five injured", NATO spokesperson for AFP said, refusing to disclose their nationality.

Zabul governor spokesman Mohammad Khan Rasoulyar was the one to disclose that the five soldiers were Romanians. "The bomb hit a shell-proof Romanian car on the Qualat region motorway, the capital of Zabul province", he said.

Romania has sent 1,020 soldiers in Afghanistan so far.