Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc threatened to dismiss those ministers coming up with measures outside the governance programme during their press statements. The main addressees of the warning are Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and Labour minister Mihai Seitan, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

The Government chief made this declaration in the beginning of the Executive's Tuesday session. According to ministerial sources leeks to Mediafax, Emil Boc asked initially that only minister remain, excluding state secretaries and councillors. "The Government chief told ministers very clearly that he will not hesitate to dismiss them if they continue to announce in the press measures that are not included in the governance programme, underlining that this sort of declarations bring undeserved consequences to the Executive image", the sources claim.

The threat comes one day after Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu talked about taxing all pensions and labour minister Mihai Seitan announced the idea of awarding child benefits on different criteria, depending on parents' incomes.