The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs that flights to and from Greece have been cancelled on Wednesday, February 24, after the air traffic control staff went on strike. The protest paralysed the transport network in Greece and blocked thousands of passengers in airports worldwide, according to Earth Times.

The 24-hours general strike has been planned by most unions representing state and private companies' employees. Over three million staff employed in both sectors are currently taking part in the movement. Protesters include staff from ministers, local councils, hospitals, universities, banks, tribunals and workers from hundreds of companies.

The strike on Wednesday affected rail, road, naval and air transports. Greek journalists announced their participation on the protests.

Public clerks protest against the Government's decision of cutting salaries and pensions and reforming the tax system.

Unions complain about the announced austerity measures found by the Government in Athens. European institutions in Brussels requested the Greek Cabinet to implement drastic measures to tackle the national deficit, which gas reached 12.7%, four times bigger than laws in the euro zone allow. Greece's public debt has gone over 300 billion euros.

The strike ion February 24 2010 is the second protest movement following Athens announcing the measures meant to reduce the budget deficit.