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Singapore: surveillance cameras taped the accident in which Romania's Embassy car was involved

de A.C.
Vineri, 5 martie 2010, 14:36 English | Top News

Surveillance cameras at traffic lights in Singapore taped the accident in which Romania's business attache Silviu Ionescu was involved. The images show that in less than one minute, Silviu Ionescu did not respect the red colour of the traffic lights. In the two crossroads, the car pertaining to the Romanian Embassy in Singapore took off after it hit three people, Channel News Asia reads.

Ionescu, Romania's business attache is accused of a hit and run on December 15, 2009 in two accidents where one person died and two others were injured. The cameras show that the black car hit the young man and projected him to 10 meters after which the car avoided him and took off.

The identity of the driver was not yet established but evidence so far reveal that Ionescu was the one driving the car.  The first witness, a local singer declared that Ionescu was with her until 2am and drank during the night.

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