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PM: Romania risks ending up like Greece if reforms don't resume

de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Vineri, 12 martie 2010, 17:23 English | Top News

Romania risks ending up in Greece’s situation on a medium and long terming, should the state not resume reforms, believes Romanian PM Emil Boc. "I can say it very loud and clear: Romania cannot afford the luxury to stop the reforms it has already begun: the salary law, the pensions law, the national education law, decentralisation and others".

"If we give up these, on a medium and long term we might end up in the same situation like Greece. We need to rationalise spending and eliminate privileges", Emil Boc declared.

He urged for the salary law to be uniformly enforced, otherwise spending to get out of control. "Right hat do not stand on a legal basis should not be carried out and granted", PM says.

"All state employees should enjoy the same rights and benefits entailed by the law, here should not be any difference", PM underlined. He added that discussions with unions will resume, but reforms must continue.

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