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From our correspondent in Italy

"Beautiful Romanian" caught in Rome airport hiding 1kg of cocaine in her bra and pants

Joi, 18 martie 2010, 15:18 English | Top News

Vamesi italieni si captura de droguri
Foto: Guardia di Finanza Roma
Italian Police arrested "several days ago" a young Romanian woman on the airport in Rome. She was accused of international drug traffic. In a communiqué received from the Financial Guard it says that six more people have been retained: a Turk, two Albanese and three South-Americans. They carried on them 35 kilos of cocaine. All "couriers" reached the International Airport in Fiumicino from Latin America, namely from Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The capture is part of one of the most important anti-drug operations in Italy. The total value of the capture is estimated over six million euros.

The Romanian woman, a 30-year old "beautiful young lady"- according to the official communiqué - had over one kilogram of pure cocaine on her, hidden in her underwear. The cops became suspicious when they noticed the young woman only carried a hand luggage. With the help of specially trained dogs, they found the dope underneath the woman's clothes.

"Keeping under special attention flights from Latin America, we noticed hat the young lady did not have luggage. The dogs fond the drugs which the girl had hidden in her bra and a sort of pants", Fiumicino operations rep lieutenant Alessio Mauro told

The method of hiding drugs in underwear is not news for the Italian cops, but this is the first time to their knowledge when the drug dealers use as courier a Romanian woman. According to Mauro, "usually, the girls who hide the drugs in specially sewn pants are of African origin, especially Nigerians. This is the first time we arrest a Romanian woman for using this method".

The entire cocaine transport confiscated from the seven couriers is worth over 6 million euros. Out of the 35 kg of pure cocaine, 400,000 doses could have been cut for the market in the capital and in central Italy.

"Bearing in mind the frequency of the seven couriers' arrivals and the origin of the 'goods', we concluded that they have not acted individually, most probably, but they are part of a unique criminal organisation", the Italian official added.

The Romanian woman and the six men have been charged with international drug traffic and have been put under arrest.

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