Defying and apparently indifferent. This is how Romanian Embassy in Singapore's ex-business attaché received the result of the investigation carried out in the Asian country. The result of the investigation confirms the fact that Silviu Ionescu was driving the Romanian Embassy's car of the moment of the accident which killed one man and injured other two on December 15 last year. In his turn, Aurelian Neagu, the Romanian ambassador to Singapore, believes it is very little likely that Silviu Ionescu stand trial in Asia, since the two countries have not sealed any extradition agreement.

Plus, Silviu Ionescu still enjoys diplomatic immunity and cannot stand trial, unless it is revoked. Contacted by journalists in Singapore, the 49-year old ex-diplomat repeatedly said he was not surprised at hearing the verdict. At one point, he raised his voice: "It's stupid!", Straits Times daily informs.

Silviu Ionescu mocked the proof brought by one of the 54 witnesses investigated by Singapore’s Coroner's Inquiry during the six days of hearings that took place last month. He accused the witnesses of lying and of coming up with scenarios difficult to believe. He was addressing a witness in particular, who recognised him as the driver who caused the accident.

The investigation from Singapore decided that the Romanian ex-diplomat Silviu Ionescu was the one who drove the Romanian Embassy's car on December 15, when the fatal accident took place. It was investigator Victor Yeo who announced this result after hearing 54 witnesses over six days, Channel News Asia informs.

The car belongs to the Romanian Embassy in Singapore, namely a black Audi, and has been involved in two accidents around 3am. Three persons have been injured and one of them, 30-year old man named Tong Kok Wai, died ten days later.

Silviu Ionescu spent part of his evening with Korean opera singer Jeong Ae Ree. She told investigators that the Romanian business attaché to Singapore drank alcohol before driving. She was the first witness.

The Romanian ex-diplomat is officially wanted for murder, leaving the place of the accident and false declaration. On February 3, Silviu Ionescu was investigated by prosecutors. He was suspended by the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry during the investigation. The procedure sees that a diplomat has to be investigated in his country.