The Romanian State Patrimony Protocol Authority (RAAPPS) will ask King Mihai to put up with the administration costs of Elisabeta Palace, Romanian agency Mediafax informs. The fees have been deducted by the state until now, but RAAPPS sources claim the state cannot afford it anymore.

"The Authority estimates that the palace's administration fees for this year will amount to over 750,000 lei, a larger amount than in 2009, due to the increase in prices for utility bills. The institution no longer has the necessary funds to manage the building", sources claimed.

Sources indicated that the Government adopted a general decision in 2001, according to which any protocol building, treated as residence, which is used by an ex-chief of state may be used fit a free title, but he administration fees must be supported by the person using the house. RAAPPS has to cover only major repairs. The same decision entails that the protocol house is offered without attending personnel and without furniture or any other registered objects, but which could be supplied on demand. However, this would have to be done on the basis of an agreement with the authority and it would have to be funded by the user.

Seven years ago, the Government decided to use its own funds to manage the Elisabeta Palace, including utilities, objects, staff and maintenance fees. In 2006, the palace has been attributed with a title as the residence of King Mihai I, ex-chief of state.

The Elisabeta Palace from Bucharest covers 1,645 square meters and has got an attached plot of land of 12,977 sqm.

Romanian Royal House lawyer Adrian Vasiliu declared that the Royal Family has not been informed of the RAAPPS's intention so far.