The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Singapore criticizes former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, accused of causing a deadly accident on December 15, 2009. In a press release, officials qualify Ionescu's recent media declarations are scandalous. The comments touch on the integrity of the judicial system in Singapore, the Foreign Affairs ministry reads in the press release, quoted by

The judicial system in Singapore is known for its transparency, integrity and high standards. Ionescu continues to argue for his innocence, and we urge him to come back in Singapore, to resolve this problem, the press release reads.

The former Romanian diplomat, Silviu Ionescu rejected the court's proof and declared that the accusations are unfair. He said that he does not believe in the objectiveness of the courts in Singapore. On Saturday, he declared for a local news television in Romania that the deadly accident represents a set up and that all accusations follow several reports he made in which he condoned corruption in Singapore.

Local authorities announced they called Romania's Ambassador to Singapore, Aurelian Neagu to talk about this issue.