Singapore police issued an international arrest warrant for the Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, recently accused of causing the death of a person and the injury of two others after a car accident, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. Ionescu was recalled in the country during the investigation in Singapore. The investigation established that the Romanian was driving the car during the accident.

Romanian chief prosecutor Marius Iacob confirmed that Interpol Romania received the document from Singapore. According to the Convention of Vienna, the penal procedure in a case in which a diplomat is involved needs to take place in the country of origin. Both Romania and Singapore signed the Vienna Convention regarding diplomatic relations and accordingly, the investigation will have to take place in Romania.

Sources quoted by Mediafax declard that Interpol Romania requested a position from the Justice ministry. Yearlier this year, Romanian prosecutors started a penal investigation against Ionescu. Ionescu recently declared that the accident was a set up and all accusations follow some reports which he read where he underlined the corruption in Romania.