Magistrates at the High Justice Court (ICCJ) have postponed Romanian senator's Catalin Voicu trial for temporary release under judiciary control. The trial was supposed to take place today, but it was rescheduled for April 12. The delay was caused by Catalin Voicu's lawyer, who could not stand in court on Friday because of family problems, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

Catalin Voicu's lawyers requested his temporary release while still under judiciary control, following the ICCJ's judges rejecting the senator's recourse against the preventive arrest on April 2.

The Court's decision is final. Therefore, Voicu can only request to be released under judiciary control, on bail or by lifting the preventive arrest.

Romanian senator Catalin Voicu was arrested on March 23, under accusations of continuous traffic influence, false documents under private signature, intellectual false used for the bookkeeping Law and corruption.