American Group Textron and Aerostar will produce shell-proof vehicles, Textron announced on Friday, according to AFP. The news comes two weeks after Romania had announced its decision to buy 24 second-hand F-16 aircrafts, attracting loud critics from the Swedish Group Saab and European consortium Eurofighter.

Textron Marine and Land Systems vice-president Mark Savarese wrote in a press statement that he could hardly wait the chance to work with the Romanian ground forces to modernise the shell-proof vehicles, while creating more jobs in Romania.

According to him, the bomb-shell vehicles will enable the Romanian forces to respond better in Afghanistan, where they fight shoulder to shoulder with the American forces, as coalition partners.

Aerostar head Grigore Filip says this agreement will combine local capacities with Textron experience to create shell-proof vehicles tested in conflict.

Romania intends to buy around 800 armed vehicles, buy it delayed the acquisition due to the lack of funds.