Romanian Senator Catalin Voicu, who has been arrested under suspicion of involvement in acts of corruption, told a court on Monday that "one man only" wanted him arrested and that he did not understood how prosecutors were not invastigating the way "tens of millions of euro left Romania for Iraq" in a kidnapping case that took place several years ago.

UPDATE Senator Catalin Voicu remains under arrest as the court rejected on Monday his release under judicial control request.

He claimed the money left for Iraq landed mainly in the pockets of Iraqi police and that only a small part landed in the pockets of a group of men who took three Romanian journalists hostage several years ago.

Voicu appeared in court pending a request to be set free provisionally.

He said that as a member of the Defense Commission in the Parliament he spent more than three months trying to hear people involved in the Iraq kidnapping case and that he did not understand why prosecutor did not investigate the case.

And he claimed that "one man only wants me arrested and did not want me for the Interior [Ministry, a portfolio he eyed in the recent past] and the National Anti-Corruption Department represents that man", he said stopping short from naming the person.