Romanian Major State of Air Forces chief, major general Ion Aurel Stanciu, didn't know how one gets into an F-16. The plane he was trying to get into was exposed at Romaero exhibition, during the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. General Stanciu, a military pilot, climbed up the wrong way and so his legs hung out, while the people present at the inauguration of the international exhibition could not help laughing.

Romanian Military Aviation chief praised the F-16 aircraft, but said ammunition and new hardware should be installed on the planes that are going to be delivered to Romania by the US.

Asked by reporters to explain whether the decision to buy these aircrafts was technical or political, General Stanciu said that the army's preferences would be rather JSF aircrafts F-35.

US ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein was also present and he, too, got into an F-16.