A group of Romanian hackers attacked two sections of one major British daily, namely The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian reads. Apparently, the hackers were angry with the British press for identifying "gypsies" with "Romanians". They posted link to Gheorghe Zamfir's song The Lonely Shepard and picture with a Romanian flag with and a message, saying they had enough with the British press writing about the Romanian gypsies and create an image different from the reality, The Guardian notes.

Sunbelt Blog was the first to spot that "Short Breaks" and "wine and Dine" sections were hacked. The sections didn't upload at the time of publishing. The hackers claim to be part of the Romanian National Security group. They put a picture with Romania's flag on "Short Breaks" section. Their accompanying message read: "We're sick and tired to see how "garbage" like you tare trying to mock our country. To create an image that is completely different from the real one and to hear you calling us "Romanian gypsies", broadcasting s....y shows like Top Gear".

Chris Boyd from Sunbelt Software, one of the first to notice the hack, says the group seems to be little known even among Romanian hackers. According to him, it might be someone extremely upset with The Telegraph.

Wine and Dine section is also to be restored after the attack. The final lines of the message contain a warning: If you had the nerve to upset an entire country, you have to know we will not stop here. Romania". And la piece de resistance was the last line: "Guess what, gypsies aren't romanians, morons".

The subject was also tacked by the Romanian Security Team forum. The hackers seemed to be quite angry over Top Gear's show in Romania last year, when Clarkson & co drove into a gypsy village, where children where filmed gathering around the very expensive cars that were slowly driving ahead through the mud.