Romanian PM Emil Boc called a committee for emergency situations at Victoria Palace on Friday, 5pm, to analyse the circumstances induced by the ash cloud created by the volcanic activity in Iceland, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. The weathercast service announced today the troublesome ash cloud creating havoc across the European airports has determined many countries to close their air space. The cloud is approaching North-West Romania.

"We've got a ministerial crisis cell and we're following the weathercast very closely. Due to stronger winds, we decided to close down the air space in two sectors in North-West Romania, starting Saturday 3am. At this moment we can't say for how long the space will be closed; it all depends on the evolution of things", Romanian Transport minister Marin Anton told Romanian news agency Mediafax.

"According to the National Meteorological Administration and aviation International Warning Centre Volcanic Ash Advisory’s estimates, the volcanic ash cloud will not have a direct o Romania, but it will come close to the state's North-West region during 17.04.2010."

"Consequently, the Environment Protection Agencies from Bihor, Maramures, Satu Mare and Suceava will keep track of the air quality and eventual concentrations of suspended total dust, as well as the PM10 fraction - suspended dust with a diameter smaller than 10 microns - using both automatic and manual methods", the Environment Ministry indicated in a communiqué.