After a short time at Juventus, the famous Romanian football player Adrian Mutu arrived at Fiorentina in 2006. The player's evolution impressed the football club and his salary increased to 2.4 million euro. Suspended for 9 months for doping, the football player will not receive a salary and his market share dropped considerably.

After the cocaine scandal in London, Mutu left for Juventus, which brought him back on top, after which he moved to Fiorentina. His decline, however, started on January 28, 2010 when the Italian Olympic Committee announced that Mutu was found positive with sibutramine, after a doping test on January 10, 2010.

On January 20, the same substance was found at another doping test. Mutu was suspended after the announcement and during this time he does not benefit from his salary. This means a loss of at least 1.8 million euro.

Fiorentina, according to the Italian press, plans to get rid of Mutu. In such circumstances, the Romanian will lose the other 8.5 million euro he has to cash in according to the contract. Plus, the Italian Olympic Committee announced that Adrian needs to pay for the trials, a total of 6000 euro.