All newspapers read about the new eruption of the Icelandic volcano, which might freeze Europe all over again and this is just the beginning, experts warn. Romania's air traffic might be closed as well. Elsewhere in the news, the President examined yesterday, his government for three hours pressuring on various issues. Another newspaper reads about the plans of professors to organize a general strike right before the baccalaureate exam, which would be a first.

Gandul reads that Romania's air traffic might be closed today, in line with the recent information about the evolution of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud received from the Environment Ministry. The Environment ministry received last minute information on the evolution of the volcanic ash cloud produced by the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull.

It seems that air traffic might be closed on Thursday, April 21 at 9 AM. Quoted sources declared that the cloud does not pose any danger for people's health. All airports in London ceased their activity after a new eruption.

Cotidianul reads that most countries started to allow flights on Tuesday, April 20. Experts quoted by the newspaper read that more serious issues might come in the future.

In politics, President Basescu heared his government for three hours, Gandul reads. After the meeting ministers left quietly, without giving any declarations and the Presidential Administration offered a press release with no relevant information.

The press release reads that the President stands behind the government and has urged the PM to pay its debts to economic agents and continue its plans of fiscal consolidation and implement measures to help the country exit the crisis.

Development and Tourism minister Elena Udrea said, for the newspaper, that the meeting touched upon lay offs but not numbers were revealed. Moreover, the President offered his insight on the budgetary sepnding. Udrea said that the President plans to attend more governmental meetings.

However, Udrea underlined that there is no talk about a new Prime Minister or that PM Boc might have a problem. These days, several economists and politicians advanced the idea that the government needs to lay off about 100,000 budgetary personnel while PM's counselor Andreea Vass talked about 75,000.

Romania libera reads about the general strike professors announced for tomorrow, and classifies it as a first: it is the first protest of professors during the baccalaureate exam as Thursday is the first day for pupils to take their digital competencies, where 30,000 candidates are expected.

Union leaders declared that there are some professors who do not participate at the protest. Education ministry announced that the digital competencies exam will organize as planned, on April 22, in 750 centers of a total of 886 announced for this test.

The strike will not affect the counties in: Buzău, Bistriţa, Bihor, Călăraşi, Dâmboviţa, Ilfov, Mureş, Neamţ, Satu Mare and Vâlcea. Professors decided to have a one day general strike on Thursday, dissatisfied with the results of the meeting with Education minister Daniel Funeriu.

We do not want to put more pressure on the children but unfortunately, the government does not take us seriously, and we have to show them that we are.