President Traian Basescu sued Social Democrat Deputy Mugurel Surupaceanu and asks for symbolic moral damages of 1 leu, because he declared in a press conference on February 14, that the Government and the Presidency favor and support light drug use. According to Mediafax, the Bucharest district 5 court will consider the President's request on September 29.

Basescu calls for damages worth 1 leu, and the publication of the court's decision in the same papers where Surupaceanu's declarations appeared. On February 14, PSD deputy Mugurel Surupaceanu said in a press conference that certain interest groups in the Democrat Liberal Party are related to the light drug business.

Surupaceanu revealed that in August 2009 pm Emil Boc refused to sign an emergency ordinance restricting the use of light drugs. He underlined that both the Government and the Presidency favored and sustained the light drug use.