The leader of the Movement for Spiritual Integration with the Absolute (MISA), Gregorian Bivolaru, who was subject of a case involving sexual perversion, sexual contact with a a minor and trafficking of under-aged people, was acquitted by a Sibiu court on Friday, five years since the case was opened, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax. The decision is final but can be appealed in another court.

According to a Sibiu Tribunal press release, Gregorian Bivolaru was acquitted for some of the crimes he was judged for: continued sexual perversion, two cases of continued sexual acts with minor people and two cases of trafficking of under-aged persons.

The court ordered a cease of the process for other crimes including sexual corruption, sexual act with an under-aged person, illegal crossing of Romania's border.

The court case was also halted for two other people involved - Farkas Ferenc Zsolt and Farcasi Maria Mirona.

Bivolaru, who created himself the aura of a yoga guru in Romania, is currently established in Sweden where he received political asylum.