"If I was offered the role of Finance minister, I would probably accept. Romania needs technocrats and I backed this in my project that targets the use of professionals in Romania. But I haven't been contacted officially by anyone from the Cotroceni Palace", Calin Georgescu told HotNews.ro.

Sources close to Cotroceni whisper he might be Romania's new Finance minister. The information was initially published in Ziua de Cluj. Gerogescu is currently the executive secretary of the Club in Rome local branch and he heads the Institute for Innovation and Development Projects (IPID).

"The excessive infliction of the politics in the decision-taking system through conspicuous ignoring of authentic competences, which still exist in this country, costs us dearly and it will continue to do so. I have forwarded an open letter to Romania's Government, asking for the set-up of an organised framework for debate and action in order to elaborate a coherent strategic plan for post-crisis development, where patronage associations, unions, relevant civil society formations and the Romanian Academy would take part", Georgescu claims in his speech at the Romanian Academy headquarters.

"I admit that I learnt the news from the media, like any other citizen, without being consulted. But such a mission would suit the direction of the projects that I had proposed and it would, of course, be flattering", Georgescu added for HotNews.ro.

Sources close to the Government told HotNews.ro that the Government is in need of a good financial professional, not an environmental specialist. "We need a very good financial professional to work together with an excellent macroeconomist, and state secretaries, too. Not environmental, foreign affairs or diplomacy specialists! Like the Finnish, Bulgarians and the Polish have.

They are top at what they do, with a straight backbone and with the courage of the technocrat that needs to handle the public budget during the time of crisis. Everyone can make electoral charity. To make money, to stimulate the economic growth and to maintain the macro balance are all part of a science and a strategy art in public policies", out sources close to the Victoria Palace said.

The rumour of dismissing Sebastian Vladescu has the international financial institutions delegation’s visit to Romania in the background. Romania has sealed a finance agreement with them. The reps of these institutions were allegedly dissatisfied with the slow reforms within certain ministries, like Finance for example.