Romanian MEP Traian Ungureanu (PPE< PDL) has been designated Rapporteur for the European Parliament for the Black Sea region, a communiqué informs. The report will be elaborated by the European's Parliament of Foreign Affairs Commission and will evaluate the results of the cooperation policies applied by the EU in the Black Sea region for the last two years. The report will also address recommendations for consolidating the cooperation in the region.

The initiative to lunch this report and the efforts to convince European Parliament to go in this direction belong to Romanian MEP Traian Ungureanu.

"I will analyse closely the recommendations of the previous Report on the issue, and the targets fixed by the European Commission in 2007. I will study the concrete results recorded by the EU in these first years of implementation of the Black Sea Synergy. A solid monitoring process and evaluation is necessary, as the examination of the financial tools utilised by the EU to encourage regional cooperation in the Black Sea region", Traian Ungureanu declared.