May is the month for protests. The first to take the speaking trumpet are administration trade-unionists, namely Columna Federation members.

Starting with Monday, April 3, they will protest in front of the Government's building, until Friday, three hours each day. They want the salaries to return to the level from last year and ask for the collective work contracts to be respected.

Starting May 5, those affiliated to the Romanian National Federation from Administration (FNSA) threaten with ongoing general strike. They are revolted after seeing their incomes dropping by approximately 45% due to the unique income scheme and they fear redundancy.

Cartel Alfa union members said they will stage a protest and a march to the Parliament between May 10 and 15, when the vote for the pension law is scheduled in the Deputies Chamber.

Agrostar announced their protest in Bucharest on May 11. Among others, the farmers ask subventions for diesel, paying up remaining milk, pork and chicken invoices and they want the small producers to be allowed to sell even if hey are not registered with the Commerce Registrar.

Academic staff, too, announced a general strike, towards the end of May, beginning of June, lest the income cut and the issue of redundancy is dropped.