US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein declared on Tuesday, during a debate with Law School students in Bucharest that the investigations conducted by the National Integrity Agency will be difficult because of a decrease from three to one year of the period in which a public person can be investigated after he is released from the function. The Ambassador said that if he would be a Parliamentarian, he would not vote for the modifications submitted by the government.

Here are his most important declarations

  • The Parliament should adopt the best statute of the law and remedy the current situation
  • The government introduced the amendments to make sure it will be voted by the majority. However, if I would be a Parliamentarian, I would not vote for these amendments just to pass the la
  • Seven judges of the nine judges making up the Constitutional Court were investigated by the National Integrity Agency when the Court decided that several articles of the law regulating the agency were not constitutional
  • I believe that young judges want to reform the judicial system