President Traian Basescu discussed with PM Emil Boc and Government members about negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday 5, at Cotroceni Palace. Other officials to take part in the discussions with the President were Work minister Mihai Seitan, Transport minister Radu Berceanu, Economy minister Adriean Videanu and Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu. The first to leave the discussions was Vladescu, who met the IMF reps later.

PM Emil Boc called a new Government meeting before the IMF delegation would leave the country. The IMF reps may meet PM Boc tomorrow, May 6, at the Victoria Palace.

With this in the background, Boc cancelled his visit to the United States. He was scheduled to leave tomorrow and get to the Michigan University, where he would be presented with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

Emil Boc left Cotroceni Palace immediately after the government meeting, to discuss with President Traian Basescu about the IMF negotiations. The IMF could meet the President as well, to set the conclusions before the end of the mission.