The members of the National Federation of Pensioners from Romania will rally in front of the Cotroceni Palace and the prefectures around the country on Wednesday. This is to express their grief over the measure of cutting pensions by 15% , the organisation's president Preda Nedelcu, quoted by Mediafax. Union leaders announced on Friday they will set up a crisis committee and would meet n Monday to discuss the protests' schedule.

Nedelcu explains that pensioners cannot accept this cut in pensions, which in reality is going to be higher than 15%, with the introduction of co-payment and the raise in prices in the period to come. This will reduce their power to buy dramatically.

Cartel Alfa leader Bogdan Hossu announced at the end of the union leaders meeting that they have sent a letter to President Traian Basescu, requesting a meeting with the IMF reps before the delegation leaves Romania.

"These measures will affect thousand of citizens and need to be re-discussed", Hossu declared. "The proposed schedule of events will be analysed on Monday, as people will take it to the streets and will stage a general strike", he added.

CNSLR Fratia leader Marius Petcu said he had asked for a meeting with the IMF and with the executive before the delegation leaves Bucharest. He explains that there have to be other solutions than cutting salaries and pensions. Plus, union leaders sent a letter to the IMF board and to the European Union Confederation.

President Traian Basescu invited the unions for discussions this Sunday, at the Cotroceni Palace.