Andreea Paul Vass, Romanian Prime-Minister's councillor, declared on Tuesday for Realitatea FM radio that the Work's Ministry was analysing the options available to reduce the benefit mothers receive. She said it will certainly be cut: most likely, the 85% quote from the annual income would be lowered.

But the PM's councillor did not refer to any specific figures.

"It will be cut, this is for certain, the percentage will diminish, we we cannot tell you yet by how much exactly, because this impact analysis is carried out by the Work Ministry and we are waiting for this decision until tomorrow", Andreea Vass said.

According to data recorded by the National Agency for Social Contributions, there were around 200,00 people in the entire country in March receiving the child care benefit.

Work Ministry's representatives confirmed for that talks are on at the moment to reduce the cut in benefit, but a certain percentage was not discussed yet.

Mothers receive child care benefit for two years from the day the child is born, or for three years, in the case the child is impaired.