University students from Iasi (North-East) have organised a protest in front of the Prefecture, shouting "Funeriu should survive with a student scholarship", "You've got big incomes, we - a two pence scholarship" and "We work to pay our hall fee". But a picture by Romanian news agency Mediafax - seen attached - shows one protester carrying a banner with a misspelled slogan: "Da-ti-mi bursa inapoi" instead of "Dati-mi bursa inapoi" (Give me my scholarship back).

The wrong spelling of the verb in the phrase, in Romanian, as it is captured by the picture is widely made by people with little education, which contrasts with the fact that it appears in a student protest defending scholarships.

Daniel Funeriu is the current Education minister in Romania.

Students present at the protest said that they were mainly unhappy with the structure for the university education law, which has a direct impact on them. Under the new law, university students will no longer get the grant supporting accommodation in halls. At the same time, the price for hall accommodation will double.

Another important aspect refers to the situation of camps, scholarships and credits. "We will end up paying for a seven-credit exam an average income", UNSR Iasi vice-president Nacu Florin declared.

Uni students are bitter about universities putting prices up 40% and they demand for the 2009 scholarships' platform to be kept in place.