Union confederations announce over 60,000 people are to take part in the protests in Piata Victoriei in Bucharest on Wednesday, to object to the measures of the Romanian Government. Among the protesters, miners, pensioners and Bucharest residents are expected to take part, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

Unions say there are zero chances for the CES meeting on Monday to pass a negative notice on the intention letter addressed to the IMF: it would require 34 votes from 45 members.

Cartel Alfa Confederation claims it would contribute with 15,000 people, CNSL - 15,000, CSDR - 15,000, BNS - over 10,000 and Meridian - over 5,000.

"Piata Victoriei will feel too small on Wednesday. We invited to join us organisations for seniors and Bucharest citizens, which are unhappy with the measures announced by the Government, because those in the Government need to receive a very clear signal. Otherwise, the public perception will be that there is a silent approval of the measures announced by the Executive", BNS vice-president Ovidiu Jurca declared on Monday, May 17.

Following the negotiations with the IMF, the Romanian authorities have proposed measures for reaching the 6.8% of the GDP budget deficit target in 2010, including reducing the state-supported salaries budget by 25%, cut pensions 15% and a massive drop in subventions, instead of significant increase in main taxes, namely the flat tax and the VAT.

The measures were announced on May 6 by President Traian Basescu and have been contested by unions, but accepted by patronages.