Romania ranked third in the April statistics addressing inflation in the EU, having recorded a 4.2% increase in prices, according to data coming from Eurostat. At the European Union level, the rate of inflation was 2.0%, while in the euro zone, prices went up by 1.5%.

In the top of the highest rates of inflation, Hungary ranks first, with 5.7%, and Greece ranks second, with 4.7%. At the other pole, the most important drop in the general prices index took place in Latvia (-2.8%) and in Ireland (-2.5%).

Compared with the previous month, the inflation dropped in six countries, remained stable in three and went up in 17 states. Eurostat hasn't got available data for Great Britain.

According to the National Statistic Institute (INS), the annual inflation rate recorded 4.28% in April, increasing from March, when figures read 4.20%.